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Polaris Launches Mid-Size Pro XD UTV as a Truck Alternative on the Jobsite

Polaris has rolled out a new mid-size entry to its Pro XD Commercial lineup of UTVs, designed for hauling workers and tools around construction sites.

The mid-size UTV, which stands for utility terrain vehicle, comes in two- and four-door versions and features a bed with a 500-pound capacity. Polaris touts the new all-terrain vehicle as a lower-cost alternative to a truck or van for moving about the jobsite. Its compact size enables it to maneuver in tight spaces.

Along with hauling tools and people, it can move supplies, aggregate and other materials. The company says it can also handle mud, nails and obstacles better than a truck or van when traveling the jobsite.

Haul aggregate and other materials with the 500-pound capacity bed on the Polaris mid-size Pro XD UTV.PolarisThe mid-size vehicle follows the introduction of the company’s full-size Commercial models in 2018. It’s made for those who don’t need the 1,000-plus-pound bed capacity of the full-size UTVs. Polaris says the mid-size version provides 200-hour oil service intervals, as well as the same safety features of the full-size models, including adjustable speed calibration, operator warnings, backup horn and pedestrian alarms, high-visibility lights and improved operator visibility.

“Not all of our customers need to haul over 1,000 pounds in the cargo bed, but they still want a heavy-duty driveline, 200-hour intervals between oil changes, durable components and vehicle fault alarms,” says Aaron Stegeman, director of commercial sales, service and customer experience for Polaris Commercial.

Polaris mid-size Pro XD UTV
The mid-size Polaris Pro XD UTV is also designed for carrying tools around on the jobsite.PolarisThe mid-size Pro XD features heavy-duty driveline components for longer life. The seats are made of Kevlar-backed vinyl that is puncture resistant. The heavy-duty jobsite tires are 8-ply with nondirectional treads. Parts are designed to be universal and easy to replace. The company also says it made the roof and doors as tightly sealed as possible to keep out dust and the elements.

The UTV runs on a 39.5-horsepower Polaris Pro Star 570 DOHC (dual overhead cam shaft) gas engine.

Both the two-door and four-door models have selectable 4×4 drive. Top speed is adjustable up to 40 mph. Ground clearance is 10 inches.

Total payload is 1,000 pounds on the two-door model and 1,250 on the four-door UTV. Towing capacity is 1,500 pounds.

Polaris mid-size Pro XD UTV
The seats in the new mid-size Polaris Pro XD UTV are made of Kevlar-backed vinyl for puncture resistance.PolarisThe MSRP on the two-door model starts at $12,499, and for the four-door at $13,999.

Available accessories include various types of windshields, a windshield wiper and washer system, various types of roofs and roof liners, doors, rear window panels, lighting, sideview mirrors, among other add-ons.


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