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Cat Expands it Remote-Control Command D5, D6, D7 Dozers

Cat D5, D6 and D7 dozers have now joined wheel loaders and excavators as Cat Command machines. Command for Dozing removes operators from the cab and gives them the ability to operate the machine using either a line-of-sight, over-the-shoulder remote console or a non-line-of-sight station.

“We now have the broadest range of remote-control offerings in the industry between our product line and our two scalable offerings of the Cat Command station and console,” says Mike Lenzie, product marketing consultant.

By getting operators out of hazardous environments, Cat says its Command system promotes safety, increases production and helps attract and retain skilled operators. “We can always replace the machine, but we cannot replace the person,” Lenzie says.

Applications where Command could offer safety advantages include steep slopes, underfoot conditions that are so soft the machine could potentially sink into the ground, demolition — especially when there’s the chance of falling debris  and working around hazardous materials. 

Using the Cat Command station, operators can switch between three different types of Command-enabled machines.CaterpillarBecause operators can easily switch between Command-enabled machines in the Cat Command station, users can see increased productivity. “They can be operating one machine and then with a touch of a button operate another piece of equipment,” Lenzie says.

Cat’s next-generation D5, D6 and D7 come remote ready from the factory; dealers can quickly install remaining components in the field. The Command components are fully integrated with the machine’s electronic and hydraulic system.

As previously mentioned, Command for Dozing comes in two versions:

The console provides access to all dozer functions and supports assist technologies such as traction control, AutoCarry and stable blade. Operators can switch between Command-enabled machines by changing out an RFID chip. Using the console, operators can control a Command dozer up to 437 yards away. The machine shuts down if the remote shutdown switch is pressed, wireless communication is lost or the console is tilted more than 45 degrees.The non-line-of-sight station, where the operator can be in a climate-controlled environment and control the dozer from close by or several miles away. Station controls operate all three types of Command machines – dozer, excavator and wheel loader – and feature pedals, joysticks and an adjustable seat. Multiple screen displays offer visuals from the left and right dozer cutting edges, blade top-center and rearview/ripper. In addition to the assist technologies offered on the console, the station is compatible with blade load monitor, slope assist and Grade with 3D. 

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