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12 Days of Gifts, Tools & Toys for the Construction Enthusiast

Last-minute shoppers, have no fear! We’ve compiled a list of 12 gifts sure to wow the construction or trade professional, or equipment-loving little ones, in your life.

From clothing and accessories to tech and tools, there’s something for everyone and at every price point. 

We’ll feature a new gift each day for the next 12 days, so be sure to check back to see what else we’re unwrapping. 

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ASV Debuts the Most Powerful Compact Track Loader, the RT-135F

With a 132-horsepower engine and maximum auxiliary hydraulic flow of 50 gallons per minute, the new ASV MAX-Series RT-135 Forestry is the industry’s most powerful compact track loader, designed for high-flow attachments in aggressive environments.

“Time and time again, the forestry segment has asked for a more powerful machine,” says ASV product manager Buck Storlie. “We have a nearly 20-horsepower advantage over any other units. We expect productivity and performance to be on the leading edge with this loader.”

The CTL is also available in a non-forestry configuration for site development, snow clearing, asphalt planing, milling and more.

Powered by a 4-cylinder, turbo-charged Cummins QSF3.8 engine, the CTL offers a 10 percent increase in power compared to the company’s RT-120, which is being discontinued. The engine meets Tier 4 Final emissions standards through selective catalytic reduction technology and diesel particulate filter.

Outfitted with forestry-rated guarding and safety features, the RT-135F is ideal for brush-cutting, mulching, land clearing and other high-flow applications. A 50 gpm mulching head, developed and optimized for the machine, is sold with the RT-135F.

More power and performance

The machine’s high-flow hydraulics are rated at 50 gpm and 4,060 psi. More engine power is transferred to the attachment with no sacrifices to machine performance, thanks to an oversized auxiliary pump capable of 66 gpm. This means operators can run high-flow attachments at full speed without slowing travel speed.

“The auxiliary pump that we’re powering it with is new for us, and with that, we redesigned the hose routing again to increase the dimensions and cooling capacity,” says Storlie. “We really tried to minimize inefficiencies and parasitic losses in the system.” The air intake system was also updated with larger screens to get more air through the cooler.

Contractors can lift more and work longer with the RT-135F. The machine is equipped with a 52-gallon fuel tank – 22 gallons more than the RT-120. The CTL also features a 4,150-pound rated operating capacity, 10 mph top speed and 10.4-foot lift height. Contractors can further boost the operating capacity and reinforce the back of the machine with an optional rear bumper kit that extends over the tracks.

Operators will benefit from a roomier cab, simplified software and customizable controls.ASVFully-loaded cab

The 12,990-pound RT-135F received the MAX-Series treatment, providing operators with more standard features for operator comfort and performance. Storlie says the machine comes with “all the bells and whistles,” including:

360-degree cab visibility7-inch touchscreen displayFoot throttle (along with hand dial)Roof hatch escapeSingle side lap bar and adjustable armrestsBluetooth radioLED lightingNew taillightsHighly pressurized, all-weather cab with heat and air conditioningForestry level guarding, including ½-inch poly sides and ¾-inch poly doorUSB ports and 12-volt ports

Adjustable, customizable controls benefit operators of all skill levels. “It’s the small machine segment where the new guy often gets thrown in,” says Storlie. “With the RT-135F, we spent a lot of time redesigning the software system to allow for simple settings based on operator skill levels and speed control. Level one is a soft pattern for a more inexperienced operator, whereas level three is a very quick, fast, precise pattern for an expert operator.”

beefier undercarriage

The RT-135F is ASV’s largest and heaviest unit. Because of that, enhancements have been made to the undercarriage. The machine is 4 inches wider than the RT-120, providing more room for engine plumbing and additional axle capacity to support the extra weight. A larger 80-inch bucket comes standard on the wider RT-135 as well.

“We don’t want people to be mistaken that it’s just an RT-120 with more power flashed in,” says Storlie. “An all-new frame and axles, undercarriage reliability improvements and a new bearing hub design give this the beef to handle the power we put behind this thing.”

The RT-135F retains ASV’s patented Posi-Track system, giving it 15 inches of ground clearance, more traction, longer wear life and convenient undercarriage cleaning. The track length and width will remain the same as the RT-120, at 71 inches and 20 inches, respectively.

“The track is all rubber with a poly cord internal design, rather than steel and belts,” says Storlie. “By design, it wants to flex and hug the ground. Traction is hugely important with these big machines to push big loads and put that power to use.”

Maintenance and serviceability

Built for harsh forestry work, the RT-135F features guarding around the light and radiator, a heavy-gauge steel hood, foam seals and limited openings to reduce debris ingestion.

The flip-up cab and swing-out doors make it easy to access components from all angles for daily maintenance checks and service. A tilting belly pan below the machine allows for simple cleaning.

The machine comes with a two-year, 2,000-hour warranty and a no-derailment guarantee on the tracks, which are also covered for the entire warranty period.

The RT-135F is in production now and will ship to dealers this month.

Quick specs:

Operating Weight: 12,990 poundsEngine Horsepower: 132High-Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics: 50 gallons per minute at 4,060 psiRated Operating Capacity: 4,150 poundsHinge Pin Height: 125 inchesReach at Maximum Dump Height: 24 inches
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Largest Gold Mining Co. Invests $100M in Caterpillar Autonomous, Electric Haul Fleet

The world’s largest gold mining company, Newmont Corporation, has announced a strategic alliance agreement with Caterpillar to create an automated, zero-emissions mining system. The agreement will enable Newmont to reach its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than 30% by 2030, with the ultimate goal of being net-zero carbon by 2050.

Caterpillar’s role will be the rapid deployment of an all-electric autonomous haulage fleet with an initial investment from Newmont of $100 million. This includes the development of its first battery electric zero-emissions underground truck to be deployed at the Tanami mine in Northern Territory, Australia, by 2026. The deployment will include a fleet of up to 10 electric underground haul trucks, supported by Caterpillar’s advanced electrification and infrastructure system. Cat’s system will include first-of-a-kind battery electric haulage technology for underground mining in 2024, the introduction of battery autonomous technology in 2025, with full deployment in 2026.

In addition to the Tanami mine, Newmont’s preliminary investment will be directed toward its mining infrastructure and haulage fleets at the company’s Cripple Creek and Victor (CC&V) mine in Colorado. The goals include the introduction of an automated haulage fleet of up to 16 vehicles at CC&V through 2023, with a transition to haulage fleet electrification and implementation of Caterpillar’s advanced electrification and infrastructure system with delivery of a test fleet in 2026. The programs will enable both companies to validate Cat’s battery technology in the years prior to full production of autonomous electric haulage equipment.

Newmont will also support Caterpillar’s validation of evolving features and functionality within the MineStar suite to be deployed across Newmont’s surface and underground assets globally. This deployment facilitates centralized production and asset management.

Together, Newmont and Caterpillar plan to test and develop equipment, infrastructure, technologies and processes to transform both surface and underground mining, focusing on safety, automation, decarbonization, optimization, data and asset management across Newmont’s global operations. Leveraging Newmont’s scale and operational capabilities, the company says the alliance sets the stage for the rapid development and deployment of the technologies, to improve safety, productivity and energy efficiency across the mining industry.

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