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From Brooms to Blowers, 11 Attachments for Clearing Snow

Winter weather is close at hand, so it’s time to start thinking about snow-clearing equipment.

Contractors have a variety of attachments to choose from to equip their construction equipment or pickup trucks to remove snow and ice from roads, parking lots and other surfaces.

Here are 11 attachments to consider:

Bobcat’s hydraulically driven angle broom attachment (pictured above) can handle quick cleanup jobs without damaging pavement surfaces. The bristles’ waved design creates a cleaner path and can sweep more snow or debris in one pass. Reverse bristle rotation is available on the 68- and 84-inch angle brooms for sweeping leaves, snow and debris away from corners, curbs, buildings and obstacles. The standard orange heavy-duty bristles are designed for longer life and better visibility. The attachment is available for Bobcat’s M and R series compact track loaders and skid steers and Bobcat Toolcats.

Doosan snow pusherDoosanDoosan’s bucket-mounted snow pusher attachment is designed for the company’s 13- to 20-metric-ton wheel loaders and toolcarriers. The attachment comes in two versions: 12 feet wide at 2,200 pounds and 14 feet wide at 2,400 pounds. The pusher is designed to be an alternative to buckets and traditional plowing for clearing parking lots and roads. Features include a 47-inch moldboard for high-capacity snow removal, a 1.5-inch rubber cutting edge to protect surfaces, high-grade steel skid shoes, a 12-inch push beam and three bucket-mount support tubes to help keep the snow pusher rigid.

Fisher Storm Boxx snow plow
Fisher Storm Boxx snow pusherFisherFisher made its Storm Boxx pusher plows for large construction equipment, such as wheel loaders and backhoes. Models are available at 12, 14 or 16 feet wide. A two-piece steel trip edge is designed to deliver a cleaner scrape of hardpacked snow and ice. It also protects the operator and equipment when hitting hidden obstacles. Floating attachment plates allow side-to-side movement and smooth out bumps, keeping the pusher in continuous contact with the surface. It is also designed to be easily attached to various equipment.

Hilltip salt spreader pickup truck
Hilltip salt spreaderHilltipHilltip’s new IceStriker 2000-3300 SSA/SSC stainless-steel salt spreaders are designed for three-quarter-ton trucks. The device can spread bulk sand and gravel, bulk/bag salt, sand-salt mixes and fertilizers. It is offered in three sizes: 2, 2.65 and 3.3 cubic yards. The stainless steel wards off corrosion, and Hilltip also immerses its hoppers in an acid bath to ensure corrosion-free welds and surfaces. An inverted “V” with a vibrator helps prevent bridging. The stainless-steel flip-up chute is designed to spread salt in environments with high humidity, and a tarp kit helps keep spreading materials dry.

HitchDoc hydraulic snow blower
HitchDoc hydraulic snow blowerHitchDocHitchDoc’s all hydraulic snow blower is designed to reduce your carbon footprint. The company has eliminated the diesel engine, crankcase, shear pin and air filter, as well as the need for diesel exhaust fluid. The hydraulic blower is quieter and offers better visibility and balance. It is 9 feet wide and weighs 5,200 pounds. It is designed for wheel loaders of 2 to 4 cubic yards equipped with hydrostatic transmissions.

JCB Snow Blower
JCB Snow BlowerJCBThe JCB snow blower range features a two-stage design with the ability to throw snow 25 to 40 feet. A poly-lined chute and deflector can be adjusted to direct the snow discharge. The 25-inch standard flow shroud openings quickly dispense with high volumes of snow. The direct drive hydraulic motor design reduces the number of moving components for less wear and longer life. The blower includes adjustable skid shoes, a bolt-on replaceable wear-resistant tapered steel edge and quick release coupling. It is available in widths of 60, 72, 78 and 84 inches in either standard or high flow.

Pettibone SpeedSwing 445F snowblower
Pettibone SpeedSwing 445F with snowblowerPettibonePettibone’s Speed Swing 445F rail crane is now available with a CreepDrive system from Poclain Hydraulics that allows it to run high-flow attachments like snow blowers and power brooms at slower travel speeds on or off the rails. The CreepDrive can deliver up to 33 gallons per minute of hydraulic flow. It comes with a display interface for controlling rpms and an integrated rocker pedal for traveling the machine forward and in reverse up to 2 mph. The Speed Swing 445F provides 180-degree boom rotation and has a spacious, climate-controlled operator cab.

SnowEx heavy-duty snowplow
SnowEx heavy-duty snowplowSnowExSnowEx’s heavy-duty straight-blade snowplow gives skid steers commercial-contractor performance. It is available in four blade widths. The plow is built with a formed base channel for extra durability. Six vertical ribs, two angled Power Ribs and a quad design provide added torsional strength to prevent blade twisting. The A-frame is constructed of tubular steel to handle the toughest jobs.

Virnig picukp broom with water tank
Virnig picukp broom with water tankVirnigVirnig’s Internal Water Tank Broom for skid steers controls dust as you sweep. The protected 55-gallon tank behind the bucket provides 35 minutes of continuous runtime. The translucent tank has capacity indicators so water level can be viewed by the operator while in the cab. The guarded adjustable valve regulates water pressure to the nozzles. The broom is available in 72 or 84 inches. Features on the broom include a recessed and guarded direct drive motor, HD bucket with wear bars, bolt-on edge, oversized 2-inch bearing, poly/wire bristles and pin adjustment system.

Western Prodigy Skid Steer Snowplow
Western’s Prodigy Skid Steer SnowplowWesternThe Prodigy snowplow from Western features wings that automatically move with no additional wiring or controls. It has a universal skid-steer mounting plate. Once the pins are engaged, the plow is ready. The plow uses the onboard hydraulics system of the skid steer to lift and lower the blade. An oscillating mount that provides 6 degrees of total side-to-side oscillation is optional to improve scrape and cutting-edge wear while reducing damage to the terrain.

Winter Equipment Razor Arrow snow blade
Winter Equipment Razor Arrow snow bladeWinter EquipmentWinter Equipment’s Razor Arrow Straight Blade System is designed to give Western Pro Plus plows longer blade life and improve cutting. It features two, 4-1/2-foot Razor blade sections, two Plow Guard Juniors and grade 8 hardware. The two Plow Guard Juniors prevent uneven and premature wear on the plow’s wear bar. The Razor Arrow system includes a two-piece, pre-welded blade with 5/8-inch abrasion-resistant cover plates. The cover plates are welded to a tungsten carbide insert cutting edge for increased wear life and surface footprint. Built-in wear indicators help to track wear life.




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Construction Begins on Tennessee’s Most Expensive Road Project

Work has begun on widening I-65 from Nashville to the Kentucky line, the highest-cost road project in the state’s history.

The interstate will be widened from four to six lanes.

In all, nearly 26 miles of roadway will be widened to address safety and improve traffic flow. The roadway currently sees high traffic, especially at peak commuter times, leading to traffic jams and crashes, says the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

Shoulders of 12 feet wide will be added, as well as concrete median barrier wall in places.

The project includes two northbound truck-climbing lanes and an auxiliary lane in each direction between interchanges at Exits 96 and 97.

The project has been broken down into five phases. Jones Bros. of Tennessee has won the $160 million contract – the largest award in TDOT history – for the 9.68-mile section from State Route 25 to near SR 109 in Davidson County, which is set to begin.

Along with widening, that section requires the replacement of 10 bridges, replacing an overpass and building 17 retaining walls. The northbound weigh station will be converted to tractor trailer parking. And Intelligent Transportation Systems will be added throughout the corridor.

Work is expected to be completed in December 2025, with road closures mostly on nights and weekends. The contractor has incentives to finish early, as well as penalties for missing deadline, according to TDOT.

Other sections of the project are as follows:

From Rivergate Parkway to near SR 41 (US 31W)From near SR 41 (US 31W) to near SR 257 (Bethel Road)From SR 257 (Bethel Road) to SR 25 (Main Street)

A section between SR 109 and the Kentucky line has been completed.


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Switch Between Tracks and Tires with Ditch Witch’s RT70 Ride-On Trencher

The all-new Ditch Witch RT70 ride-on trencher, introduced at the Utility Expo, gives you the option of switching from tires to tracks depending on what the jobsite requires.

The machine’s modular design features a single base unit with the option to move from tires to tracks. “In the past, trenchers either came with tracks or tires,” says Steve Seabolt, Ditch Witch product manager for heavy duty trenchers. “Now, if a customer decides later that they want to upgrade to tracks to work in different conditions, they can do so.”

The tires-to-tracks switch is accomplished at the dealership by unbolting the tire assemblies, mounting the track assemblies and then changing the machine’s software. (With the track assemblies each weighing 1,600 pounds, the switch is usually best handled at the dealership.) With different attachments and optional add-ons, operators can customize their machine throughout its lifecycle for specific jobsite needs.

Machine size was also a design driver, Seabolt says. “We wanted to put as much power in a small footprint to keep the weight and size down,” he says. “Contractors want to be able to pull it behind a smaller truck and get into more confined spaces.”

Ditch Witch’s patented cooling fan simultaneously pulls air in from the front and off the rear, exhausting it out of both sides of the trencher.Equipment WorldDirecting heat away from the operator was also a design directive. “Most fans are typically pulling and pushing air through the radiator, which passes over the engine and ends up on the operator, making for an uncomfortable environment,” Seabolt says.

Instead, Ditch Witch uses a patented cooling fan that pulls the air in the front, like normal, and then simultaneously pulls it in through the rear, off the engine and off of the operator, exhausting it out of both sides of the trencher. Daily maintenance points are grouped in one accessible location and covered with a single-piece, easy-open hood. 

An open layout and 90-degree swivel seat give you a full view of the machine from front tire to back tire and attachment. The enhanced visibility and ergonomics keep you comfortable for productivity over a long workday.

With a 72-horsepower Yanmar diesel engine and built with a 73-inch-wide footprint, the RT70 rubber-tire trencher can handle heavy-duty jobs. Steering is with a wheel rather than levers, and the trencher’s crab steer enables you to maneuver around obstacles in tight spaces.

Track length is 104.4 inches. Top speed with tracks is 4.22 mph, while the rubber-tire option gets 6.52 mph. For slow-speed operation, the tracks get down to 0.79 mph,  while the machine with tires can creep along at 1.21 mph. The RT70 also comes with a 72-inch backfill blade.

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